Designed for your health and safety, at all times

AIDme is an NFC life-saving bracelet that allows you to always have all the medical and emergency information you need for your health and safety.

AIDme works with any enabled smartphone, without any APP and with easy and immediate updates. You can enter your personal data, blood group, allergies, intolerances, medicines, your doctor’s name, emergency numbers and any other information deemed necessary.

In the AIDme interface there is also the possibility to enter the HRV data relating to the Heart Rate Variability, the results of the tests relating to the Coronavirus: the date of execution of the swab, the final evaluation, the blood test and the symptoms found and data relating to anti-Covid-19 vaccination such as date, type and any recall.
The bracelet can therefore become your Health Passport!

AIDme protects your data with a password-related system in a Cloud system, without any profiling. Only you can decide what information can be viewed in case of need.


Invest in your security

Why choose AIDme?

  • A simple and intuitive system
  • No need for any APP or registration
  • Safe! Encrypted and protected data
  • Safety for the whole family
  • No database or profiling
  • Low-cost and Guaranteed
  • Simple, Modern, Hypoallergenic
  • Translated and available in ten languages

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Watch the video supporting healthcare professionals during COVID-19!



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