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Entrepreneurship and solidarity


“It doesn’t matter how much you give but how much love you put into giving”

This sentence by Mother Teresa of Calcutta has become the emblematic motto of the Venetian entrepreneur Monica Cerin, President of Audens.
Young, beautiful and dynamic, she loves others and she carries out her interests in an altruistic way, creating projects useful in the social sphere. That is also why her main purpose is helping others. Solidarity is in fact the basis of her entrepreneurial program.

“Being an entrepreneur today means being able to invest part of the time and economic resources in humanitarian works and that is what all entrepreneurs should be doing.”

The AEREC (European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations), Academic of honor and Member of the Senate of the Priory of Sicily at the Norman Academy, Honorary Member at Cybrmed Europe, Academic meritorious of the Mauritian Academy, has done a lot of volunteer works. In 2017, it took over the Audens Company.

With its IT personnel, using the skills of nano technology, it develops a series of innovative products for the protection of health, the safeguard of Made in Italy and digital communication.

As an innovative startup, Audens also obtained two medium-term loans, from Unicredit and MPS, both aimed at developing innovative projects. All this because AID revolutionizes the very idea of ​​checking the authenticity of a product, as it is no longer in the hands of the producer (or the police) only, but of the individual consumer (“Crowdsourced Authentication”) thus expanding enormously its effectiveness.

The radio technology used by NFC devices is the one used by smartphones for payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, which security and response speed are well known. AID uses the same principle: the smartphone interacts through passive processes with the various tags and exchanges information immediately simply by bringing your mobile phone closer to the object.
The use of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows to communicate definite and non-falsifiable information to any mobile device (like our mobile phones) capable of reading a TAG (field marker).

Audens’ symbolic project is called AIDme®, a water-resistant and hypoallergenic bracelet, capable of containing health information of the person who wears it; the user decides the information to insert and which will be visible, in case of need, to anyone who approaches a enabled smartphone. Life-saving data such as blood type, allergies, intolerances, pathologies, medicines, vaccinations, prostheses, transplants, name and telephone number of your doctor, emergency telephone numbers, which allow an informed intervention if needed.

The AID NFC technology finds application in the most different sectors, from food to wine, from fashion to design, from pharmaceuticals to toys, from the publishing industry to accessories. Any physical object can be tagged: the AID NFC tags, a few millimeters in size, are inserted in any part of a product (buttons, labels, caps or other), both in the permanent and “brake on removal” versions, and can be custom. It is a technology that also allows manufacturers and distributors to protect themselves from falsification and similarities of brands (Italian sounding) on ​​international markets.
The AID device is an innovative system for the warranty and authenticity of products but also useful in digital marketing.

Four versions are available at the moment:

  1. AIDinfocity which provides real-time information useful for making the most of a visit to a city or facilitating the mobility of those who travel for work or business
  2. AIDeventi to keep up to date on events, cultural evenings and conferences in which you are interested
  3. AIDgdo for the communication of promotions and special offers in large retailers
  4. AIDforfans to have all the information on your favorite team in a convenient and practical personalized key ring

In the AIDme bracelet version, it serves to convey sensitive information such as a person’s health information, useful to save a life in case of emergency. The AIDme bracelet was recently presented to the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical market, finding immediate success thanks to its qualities: low price, high utility, easy and free technology.



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