Monica Cerin

Entrepreneurship and solidarity


“It doesn’t matter how much you give but how much love you put into giving”

This sentence by Mother Teresa of Calcutta has become the emblematic motto of the Venetian entrepreneur Monica Cerin, President of Audens, dinamic woman in all circumstances, with also a romantic and sensitive soul. “Helping her neighbor“, as her beloved father Giuseppe, disabled from the age of one, taught her since she was a child, is what she cares most about; she voluntarily supports interests and useful projects in the social sector with her entrepreneurial program based on Solidarity.
Born in Vicenza, she is seen by most as a skilled woman-manager, determined, self-assured, she argues that “Being an entrepreneur today means being able to invest part of the time and economic resources in humanitarian works and that is what all entrepreneurs should be doing.”

Accademica AEREC (Accademia Europea Relazioni Economiche Culturali), Accademico d’onore della Norman Academy, Accademico benemerito dell’Accademia Mauriziana, Membro Onorario presso la Cybermed Europe. Premiata come “ DONNA DI TALENTO”  da  Soroptimist International, l’Associazione mondiale di donne (75.000 socie) che considerano valori etici i Diritti Umani, l’accettazione delle diversità e l’amicizia. Academic at AEREC (European Academy of Cultural Economic Relations), Honorary Academician of the Norman Academy, Meritorious Academician of the Mauritian Academy, Honorary Member at Cybermed Europe. Awarded as a “WOMAN OF TALENT” by Soroptimist International, the worldwide association of women (75,000 members) who consider the acceptance of diversity and friendship to be ethical values.

She was elected “DONNA SERENISSIMA” for creating the AIDme Lifesaving Bracelet with 100 other women entrepreneurs from Veneto and included in a book distributed in various Associations and Bookstores.

She took over the Audens Company in 2017, taking over the reins the following year and placing the weakest and most fragile social groups at the center of the core business, the strengths and foundations of the AIDme Life-saving Bracelet project.

In her life path she understood that the most precious thing is being able to donate what you don’t have: that’s time. She visits, supports and participates in many initiatives dedicated to institutions for the disabled and retirement homes.

In the last decade she has faced problems of assistance to people with disabilities or significant diseases, always searching for realistic solutions.

She develops with her IT staff, coordinated by her partner Alessandro Vettore, a series of innovative products for the protection of health, of made in Italy and digital communication using the skills of nanotechnology.

The radio technology used by NFC devices is applied in smartphones for payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, whose security and response speed are known. AIDnfc uses the same principle: the smartphone interacts through passive processes with the various tags and exchanges information immediately by simply bringing your smartphone close to the object.
The strong use of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology allows reliable and non-falsifiable information to be communicated to any mobile device (our cell phones) capable of reading a TAG (field marker).

The flagship project of the Audens company is called AIDme®, a hypoallergenic water resistant bracelet, containing all the health information relating to the person who wears it and decided to insert to make visible, in case of need, to anyone who approaches with an enabled smartphone. Life-saving data such as blood type, allergies, intolerances, pathologies, drug therapies, vaccinations, prostheses, transplants, name and telephone number of your doctor, emergency telephone numbers, which allow an informed intervention if needed.

The AIDme bracelet was presented to the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical market with immediate success thanks to its intrinsic qualities: economic price, high utility, easy and free technology. In the AIDme interface there is also the possibility to enter HRV data, test results relating to the Coronavirus and ANTI-COVID vaccination. The bracelet can therefore become your International Health Passport!





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